The beginning of a noble task, performed with total 'nishakama bhava',  holds a lot of meaning when begun on the auspicious festival of Dussehra.

The Dussehra of 2013 marks the beginning of Srijan Public School's birth in the virtual world of the world wide web, with this very first blog post and the simultaneous launch of our website.
'Vishwani Deva Savitr Duritani Parasuva, Yad Bhadram Tana Asuva'

This is the 3rd aphorism in the 30th chapter of the Yajur Veda, and a very appropriate start to our school blog. This aphorism is addressed to the Formless Energy and Creator appealing for strength, knowledge and the skills to do away with all negative aspects in one's personality and enhance Goodness and Positivity within and without. This is, appropriately what Dussehra signifies! 

The process of burning Ravana needs to inspire every individual to do likewise in his/her own life. Aspiration in the right direction, correct knowledge,  self-discipline are the prime tools which need to be applied by a thinking mind, leading one from the gross vision of burning an effigy of Ravana to the negative aspects within. The process of heading towards perfection is an uphill task for some and easily done by others. The background is the samskaras, habit patterns, desires, which can all be won over by Right Knowledge.

It is this very knowledge that the Srijan Team wishes to impart to young minds. We are realistic about our own limited resources and span, but even within that framework, we resolve to make a big difference!

Best wishes to one and all on this Dussehra Day.